#Robotime: Unleashing Creativity and Passion with Innovative DIY Products

In today's fast-paced world, where technology dominates our lives, it is refreshing to find a company that encourages hands-on creativity and exploration. Robotime, founded in 2007, has emerged as a leading brand in the realm of innovative DIY products. With a strong commitment to originality and environmental sustainability, Robotime offers a range of captivating and safe DIY kits under its four sub-brands: Rolife, Rokr, Robud, and MewooFun. Let's delve into the world of Robotime and discover how they have captured the hearts of passionate and imaginative individuals around the globe.


A World of Imagination:

Robotime's journey began over 15 years ago, driven by a team of enthusiastic individuals eager to unlock the wonders of life through their products. With their sub-brands, Rolife and Rokr, Robotime has been successful in infusing mechanical transmission models and cute, lovable designs into their DIY kits. By blending precision structure with a touch of geek spirit, Robotime allows users to explore the beauty and power of machinery. Each kit serves as a gateway to a world of imagination, where creativity knows no bounds.

Rolife: Unlocking the Mysterious Dream:

Within the Rolife brand, Robotime celebrates the spirit of loveliness and independence. They understand that hidden beneath the soft appearance of every girl lies a wealth of dreams and aspirations. Rolife beckons individuals to join them on a journey into the mysterious dream world they have meticulously crafted. Through their DIY miniature houses and book nooks, Rolife invites users to unleash their creativity and build enchanting worlds that reflect their unique personalities.


Rokr: Precision and Exploration:

Rokr, the other prominent sub-brand under Robotime, embodies the essence of exploration and precision. By focusing on mechanical transmission models, Rokr kits combine the thrill of assembly with the intricacies of machinery. Geared towards those with a passion for engineering and mechanics, Rokr empowers users to construct intricate wooden puzzles that come alive with mechanical movement. Each Rokr kit is a testament to Robotime's dedication to delivering products that captivate and inspire.

Environmental Consciousness:

Robotime places great importance on sustainability and environmental responsibility. They utilize safe, non-toxic, and eco-friendly materials in the production of their DIY kits. By choosing Robotime, individuals can indulge in their passion for creativity while ensuring a greener future. The company's commitment to ethical practices has garnered praise and loyalty from customers worldwide.

Global Reach and Recognition:

Robotime's dedication to originality and innovation has propelled them onto the global stage. Their products are exported worldwide, making their way into the hands of DIY enthusiasts across continents. The company has secured partnerships with renowned offline retail platforms like Kmart, Hobbytown, and Target, cementing their presence in the market. With over 200 foreign dealers and 2800 foreign stores, Robotime's products are readily available to a diverse range of customers.


Robotime, through its sub-brands Rolife and Rokr, has revolutionized the DIY industry by offering captivating, creative, and environmentally friendly products. Their commitment to originality, precision, and sustainability has won them a loyal following worldwide. By tapping into the power of imagination, Robotime enables individuals to unlock their creativity and embark on exciting journeys of exploration. Whether constructing a miniature house or assembling a mechanical puzzle, Robotime invites everyone to experience the joy of DIY craftsmanship and embrace a positive, healthy, and trend-setting lifestyle.

To explore Robotime's captivating range of DIY products, visit their official shop at: https://zg.ink/robotime