Food supplements made from nature, proven by science


Modern diets leave a lot of nutrients on the plate, causing many of us to reach for supplements. This is coupled with a lack of widespread education around the amount vitamins and minerals we actually need to maintain optimal physical health. Supplements must be taken correctly, consistently, and in balance with your body, its set-up, your lifestyle and other personal factors.

Natural food supplements, to compliment (not replace) a Mediterranean-centric diet.

Supplements are just that, supplementary. In order to maintain good health it’s important to adopt a mix of strategies in your diets. When choosing which food supplements to take, make sure you pick products that are made with natural ingredients, backed by scientific research and offer proven health benefits that will make a difference. This can otherwise be a very expensive trial-and-error journey. Both your body and your wallet will thank you for doing your research first.

The best approach is to choose natural food supplements that feel right for your body, and work with your body. Everybody’s different and the level that your body will absorb the supplement has a lot to do with individual factors such as your weight, your stomach acid, gene type and even certain allergies. Look at the recommended daily dosage on the package and pick one that includes a weight chart to guide you.

Better yet: Choose a brand that also offers personalized blood tests to get proof in writing that the supplements are doing their job. Make sure to pick a test that is independently managed and based on an accurate and scientific analysis such as the Zinzino BalanceTest.

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